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Avis Bucharest Airport

If you will choose to book for Avis Bucharest Airport, then you can choose from wide range of cars at a very reasonable price. Renting a car in Bucharest, Romania is the best decision, because you do not have enough time to familiarize yourself about their transportation system. Although there are taxis, buses and train to serve you, they are mostly use by locals. You may experience delays and hassle as you ride public transportation. This city is the capital of Romania and becoming a popular tourist destination, so you can expect a lot of tourists and locals roaming around the city.

You can either book for the service in advance through Avis website or from Avis Bucharest Airport. Either way, you will find convenience since you do not have to wait for taxi or fall in line to get bus or train ticket. You can leave the airport right away to go to your next destination. Some vacationers visiting Bucharest for the first time is having a hard time finding their way to their hotel. You can spare yourself from this problem if you will opt for this service.

The driver will take you to your hotel in no time, so you can relax before you start your adventure in this country. Aside from the knowledge and experience of the driver, vehicles are equipped with GPS technology. This will help you to reach your destination fast. You can get this special feature if you will get the service from Avis Bucharest Airport or make early reservation through their website. It is important to check the box for GPS request.

There is winter equipment service that you can avail. If you will arrive at the place during winter season, then the company will make sure that you will feel comfortable inside their vehicle. The winter in Romania starts from early November until March. Their vehicles during this time of the year are equipped with winter tires, so you will not encounter any problem along the road. You can choose prepaid fuel. This will allow you to buy full tank fuel ahead of time to save time and huge amount of money. The fuel charge is not higher than prices at local petrol stores. This is ideal for long term hire. As you rent Avis Bucharest Airport, then you can ask for child seat especially if you are going to travel with your whole family. The company offers wide range of child seats to ensure that you will get the appropriate seat for your child according to his or her age.