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Bucharest Airport Arrivals

Bucharest is the capital city of Romania and this is where you can find the financial center and the cultural industrial too. It is the biggest city in Romania and it can be found at the southeastern part of the country. They have an international airport here named Bucharest Henri Coanda International airport and it is considered as the most hectic international airport there too. what to expect at the Bucharest Airport Arrivals area matters most to a lot of travelers especially those who haven’t been there and do not have any idea of what is waiting for them. After you get off the airplane, and going to the passport control area, you have to go to the baggage claiming area to get your things.

You will come across the currency exchange desks too so if you haven’t exchanged your money for the local money here, you can do that at the arrivals area as well. You may check their rates if they are offering reasonable rates. You have to wait for your luggage at the counter since this airport is high in traffic, the luggage may take some time to arrive. Bucharest Airport Arrivals area also has ATMs there and coffee shops too while you are waiting for your luggage, you can just sit there and have some coffee or snack first.

At the right side of the Bucharest Airport Arrivals area, you will find a passage way going to the departure terminal. Through the passage way, you will be able to find car hire desks and more shops too. You can ask for a cab but for you to do that you have to look for a multi-lingual touch screens at the arrivals hall. They are fully automated and they are user friendly too. You can also select the range of the taxi companies there and most of them have displayed their rates clearly so you will not be confused with the rates that they offer.