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Bucharest Airport Departures

Bucharest is a vivacious and modern city that is composed of tourists from various parts of the globe just like other European cities too. All age groups here will surely enjoy going out in bars, cafes, pubs, restaurants and other live venues where you can go out and enjoy the place. The city is well developed and it offers a lot both for locals and visitors. Going to Bucharest will require you to ride a plane going to Bucharest airport which is at present going through some improvements. According to the latest news about Bucharest airport, there is a 150 million euros allotted for the investment and improvement of the airport and that include the expansion of the Bucharest airport departures hall along with the arrival area too.

By the end of the project, the terminal can hold more than four thousand passengers every hour and this airport will be expected to rise for more than 6 million passengers too for both domestic & international paths. Furthermore, the new terminal building which is located at the eastern part of the airport is now being envisioned by the management. They want to form four new isolated structures there that are capable of handling over five million passengers yearly since they are also expecting millions of people to cause traffic to the Bucharest airport departures hall after some improvements in the airport.

At present, the facilities of the airport contain 1 terminal with 2 buildings. Those buildings include the Bucharest airport departures hall and the arrivals hall too. There are also shops, cafeteria and diners there that are connected to the buildings as well. There is a walkway that will connect you to the shops and to the buildings. This airport contains thirty gates for their fourteen jetways. You can come to Bucharest and experience their new airport facilities too.