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Bucharest airport is located 16.5 km away from downtown of Bucharest and it is connected to national Road DN1. It is the A3 motorway that connects the airport to the city center. It is traveling through car that will give you the opportunity to admire the beauty of the entire city. It is better if you will use a car with navigation system, so you can easily roam around Bucharest and other parts of Romania. If you will travel by car, then it will take a longer time for you to reach any destination like Bucharest Airport compared to other European countries, but none of first time travelers will experience getting lost if they are using new navigation system.

The highway is only hundreds kilometers ad routes from the border of the city can take you to other cities, so there is a need to carefully pay attention to the speed limit and traffic rules. This is why many travelers from different countries choose to rent a car with a driver instead of trying to drive on their own. None of you will find it easy especially if this is your first time in Bucharest.

Roads starting with letter E are well maintained roads. This is common in Europe. It is best if you will pass through these roads and stay away from regional and national roads. There is a speed limit in Romania for all European roads. For highways, you need to observe 130 km/h, outside cities 100 km/h and inside cities 70 km/h. but there are some that use 50 km/h speed limit. None will experience a hard time if you will read road signs. For national as well as regional roads, there is 90 km/h for outside cities and 50 km/h for inside cities.

There are not enough highways in Romania that is why any drivers tend to over speed than the intended speed limit. You should be surprised in case you see drivers running in 130 to 180 km/h. This is a normal behavior for them and Romanian drivers will notify the rest of the vehicles on the road with the use of flashing lights once there is a police nearby. What you can do is to follow the rules and speed limit and stay away from speedy drivers. None of the travelers from different parts of the globe experienced accidents because or car rental service.

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