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Bucharest Tourist Attractions

Bucharest is the capital city of Romania. Actually, this country is not as popular as other countries in Europe, but it can offer magnificent beauty that is yet to discover. If you want to visit this country, then you will arrive at Bucharest Airport. This is the starting point of your journey as there are lots of Bucharest Airport attractions for you to see once you go out of this place. In the past, there is not much to see in Bucharest, but is it known as Little Paris, because of its unique architectonic style and lot of classical buildings. The place is not a real tourist magnet, but that was before it was developed.

Bucharest just realized how beautiful Bucharest Airport attractions are, so they have managed to restore and upgrade its beauty to the next level. Today, it is now one of the most cherished capitals in Europe. Everything that you will see and do in Bucharest has a touch of youthful vibration and it dominates the entire city. You will find young and energetic people everywhere you go and their warmth will truly entice you to come back.

One of the best Bucharest Airport attractions is trendiest shops and boutiques all over the city. This is where you can buy crafts and other things that you can bring at home as souvenir. There are many exhibitions around the city all throughout the year. You will love the fact that it is the least expensive city in whole European Union. You can plan few weeks of vacation for the same price as what you will spend staying in London or Paris for just five days.

As you search for Bucharest Airport attractions, you will find Palace of Parliament. This is a building that was developed during Communist period. It was used as headquarters of Roman government. It is the second largest administrative building next to Pentagon in the United States. This is the most famous Bucharest Airport attractions. There is Arch of Triumph that was modeled according to the famous structure in Paris which is the Arc de Triomphe. If you love music, then you can visit The Athenaeum. The place is the home for the famous philharmonic orchestra and listed as European Heritage site. The building is very beautiful and concerts tickets are reasonable.

If you love to eat delicious food, then you should not miss the Cara cu Bere, which is a traditional restaurant at the heart of Lipscani district also known as Old City. It can offer you a feel of Bucharest during 1920. You will love the food as the place serves superb and inexpensive Romanian cuisines. You must not overlook Museum of the Romanian Peasant as you look for different Bucharest Airport attractions. This museum is all about Romanian culture and heritage. This is an affordable place, but you are only allowed few hours of stay inside.

You will definitely find Lipscani District. This is the oldest and known as traditional center of the city. The place is filled with Bucharest Airport attractions like antique shops, cafes and restaurants. When the sun goes down, this is where you can find popular bars and night clubs. One of the most interesting attractions is Curtea Veche. Your vacation to Romania will never be complete without visiting the place. This place is related to Dracula and it is located at the city center. This is the most exciting of all Bucharest Airport attractions. It is a very small museum where you can find authentic Dracula relic and there is a huge statue of him that is perfect for a good snapshot.