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Bucharest Airport Buses

Because Bucharest is one of the biggest cities in Europe, a lot of visitors are coming over for vacation there. This city is also the entry point going to Romania. It is a developing city with lots of developed infrastructure projects that changes the way the old city looks like to previous visitors. It was known as “little Paris” but that has changed a lot as it become interesting for visitors with the mixture of both old and new developments. You can go around the city by plane, by car, by train and by bus too. You have lots of options to choose from in terms of transportation.

If you will ride a bus, getting to Bucharest airport is not a big problem because express 783 can take you to the airport from the downtown area and vice versa. The trip may be not more than twenty minutes every day. Buses are available even on weekends & holidays but at night time; the buses are dispatched every forty minutes. It’s just that you need to know the timetable for the departures from the airport going to the city center and vice versa so that you can ride the bus right on time.

You may expect a trip with the bus getting to Bucharest airport with forty minutes interval and the bus 783 is the right one for you. The bus dispatching interval may be shorter depending on the traffic at the station. Express bus 780 is linked to the airport from the main train station. It runs every forty minutes too regularly even during holidays. It is open from five thirty in the morning up to eleven in the evening. When you take bus 783, you have to be careful because Gara de Nord is the yet the end of the bus route and it run in 2 different directions. You can ask the local there where the right bus stops is going to the airport.

Getting to Bucharest airport maybe inexpensive but there is nothing compared to buses eight point six. The cards may be bought at the booth located at the arrivals and departures area. Since April of 2012, the airport has provided a ticket booth at the arrivals terminal that is open and ready to serve the people 24/7/ you just have to make sure that your ticket is well validated before boarding the bus. These bus lines are the main target of the ticket inspectors. Getting to Bucharest airport is easier now with variety of transportation systems available.