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Bucharest Airport Trains

Bucharest Airport is the major starting point of people who wants to visit Bucharest and the rest of Romania as it is connected to wide range of transportation like the train. The best Bucharest Airport trains are Henri Coanda Express trains that can offer connection from the airport to Bucharest North Railway Station. You can go to the train station from the airport with the help of scheduled shuttle buses. The schedule of these buses is synchronized with the train schedule. If you are not in a hurry, then it is best to experience riding a train in Romania.

You can find these buses in front of International Arrivals and departures Terminal. You can get a ticket valid for the bus and train and it will cost you around 6 RON or 1.50 Euro per ticket. There is a timetable for your reference. This is a direct Bucharest Airport trains to main railway station of Gara de Nord that runs from the airport station for about 900 m. There is an airport expansion that will connect the train station within the airport.

As a first time tourist, you need to become aware that not all trains and stations in Romania are in good condition. Some of them are dirty and very slow. If you want to reach your next destination on time, then this is not the kind of transportation for you. If you need to follow strict itinerary, then you will experience delay if you will ride the train. This is an overpriced service that is inefficient. A train ride from Transylvania going to Bucharest can offer amazing experience. Conductors never close doors to allow passengers to stand close to the entryway to see wonderful sceneries.

Bucharest Airport trains main station Gara de Nord is located at northwest of the city center. You will also find a metro station below the main station that can take you to different places you want to go. You can get ticket from the airport and it is better to buy one right after you arrive to avoid being late for your schedule. Bucharest Airport trains are considered cheaper than car rental services, but if you want convenience and peace of mind you will definitely opt for a rent a car service instead of sacrificing your vacation experience by riding a public train. This is an important note to remember especially if you will travel with your kids.