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Alamo Bucharest Airport

People arriving in Bucharest airport need car rental service for different reasons. Some of them rent Alamo Bucharest Airport for vacation or for business trip. If you think that you really need a rent a car service for your trip to Romania, then you only need to think of one provider and this is Alamo car rental service. It does not matter what your reason is of hiring as the company can offer what you really need. You do not have to face any problem when it comes to the selection of the best service as Alamo is the number one choice of many travelers around the world.

There are overwhelming of car hire companies that can offer their service especially in Bucharest, but if you want to ensure your convenience and peace of mind, Alamo can give it to you. Maybe you are not yet aware about this provider, but this short article is enough to convince you why you need to choose this company instead of their competitors.

If you will opt for Alamo Bucharest Airport, you will find out that they are offering diverse rates depending on locations, time and how long you need their service. If you are for a quick vacation, then you can opt for short term service. You can choose from compact cars for $25.99 per day. For midsize cars, then you need to pay around $30.99 a day. For group of travelers, you need larger vehicles like SUV or a minivan for a price of $43.99.

Alamo Bucharest Airport is also offering special discounts and rates or vacationers who are planning for one week vacation. There is also huge discount if you will rent through their official website. Early reservation has lots of advantages as it can save you time. There is already a car waiting for you outside the airport to take you to your hotel or any place you want to go in Bucharest and rest of Romania. You will find exclusive rental club within their site. You can join for free. All club members can create their own profile and get specialized service for their renting needs.

Being a member, you can get discounts and special offers as you rent from Alamo Bucharest Airport. The company is offering affordable rates as well as easy car rental procedures at the airport. All your needs will be well taken care of for you to experience peace of mind and relaxation while you travel in unfamiliar roads of Bucharest.